Our vision

To become the largest pickled meat processor in America and increase the number of its customers on 5 continents

Our values

At Drummond Export, we share a set of values that guide our day-to-day actions, both internally in the management of our employees, and externally with our customers and the communities in which we are located.

Leadership   To be able to identify, develop and retain talents
Excellence   To be in search of continuous improvement and to take advantage of all the opportunities open to us to improve (process, knowledge, etc.)
Energy    To be able to recognize and solve each problem within 24 to 48 hours
Curiosity   To know how to question, to consider several alternatives and provide solutions
Team spirit   Foster team and company well-being before that of a single individual
Integrity     To act with integrity and ethical behavior at all times in order to deserve and maintain the trust and respect of customers, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities.
Customer focus   To build a client-centered culture based on outstanding service and meeting our commitments at all levels of the company.


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