Drummond Export
is an internationally recognized expert and leader in the processing of pickled meat. The processing plant possesses the most advanced equipment where innovation consistently enhances progress in working methods and where continuous and regular controls guarantee the quality and consistency of products.

Processing in brine, realized according to HACCP standards, consists in adding to the product a salt solution that becomes a part of it. This type of processing gives interesting qualities to the product:

  • Effective and  extended preserving (room temperature)
  • Good-looking product
  • Tenderizing of meat

Moreover, functionally, this type of processing allows:

  • Increase of value of sub primal cut 
  • Easy handling and warehousing; the product does not require refrigeration when preserved in   brine
Drummond Export

Drummond Export currently processes pork and beef products supplied in various packaging types and sizes to meet customers’ specific requirements:

  • Buckets used for packaging: the fresh product is presented in bulk, soaking in a brine solution. The use of lids in different colors allows simplification of inventory management. Furthermore, the lids are hermetically sealed and protected with a removable seal of guarantee.
  • Vacuum packaging: the fresh product is presented in a vacuum bag, in a convenient format, allowing it to be directly placed in a service counter without any processing or additional re-packaging.  These products require refrigeration.
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