Food processor since 1990

Drummond Export

Les Aliments Trans Gras inc., also known as Drummond Export (trademark), is a meat and fish food processor distributing and exporting its own products in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Well established within the community, the company provides employment to more than 130 families. Besides its storage and distribution centers, Drummond Export owns HACCP certified meat and fish processing facilities, where high levels of expertise have been developed in meat pickling and fish drying and salting.

Through the continuing efforts of its professional team, coupled with dynamic management, the company quickly earned a reputation of leadership in the export market for meat and fish, while developing a wide network of suppliers and customers throughout the world.

The company is a privately-owned enterprise of Aliments LHG Inc.

N.B.  In order to simplify the information presented herein, the name Drummond Export refers both to the trademark and the company Les Aliments Trans Gras Inc.

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