Drummond Export 

Drummond Export is a food processor that never compromises the quality of its products. For this reason, the company adheres to the highest quality standards.

Both plants of the company are HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This internationally recognized system consists of various methodological and preventive steps to ensure the safety of the products and derives from FSEP (the Food Safety Enhancement Program). This system also requires us to be more particular in selecting suppliers and allows us to select only those who respect the required HACCP standards.

 Drummond Export 


Moreover, Drummond Export operates its own quality control laboratory, which allows it to perform several chemical and microbiological analyses during the processing sequence in order to guarantee the quality and consistency of the products at all times.

Both Drummond Export processing plants (or Les Aliments Trans Gras inc.) are accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The meat processing plant is certified under the establishment number 254 and the fish processing plant is certified under the establishment number 5070.



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