Flexibility – A complete store in a container!Drummond Export

Answering customers’ requests to buy products in brine but who couldn’t afford to buy in sufficient quantities to charter a container, Drummond Export has increased its product offerings. A new selection of dried fish, frozen meat, vegetables, pulses and dried fruits has been added and made available to every customer.

This new array of products required the company to innovate in order to determine how to ship all these different products together in a single container. The result is a special frozen container which allows Drummond Export to ship together frozen, refrigerated and even dry products (or which do not need any refrigeration). This involved adding an insulated wall inside the container in order to separate the frozen products from the remainder of the load.

Drummond Export’s order consolidation allows the customer:

  • To save time and money by calling just one time to meet his needs
  • To purchase a smaller quantity of a wide selection of food products
    • pickled meat
    • frozen meat
    • dried salted fish
    • frozen vegetables
    • Pulses
    • dried fruits
    • Lard
  • To fulfil the requirements of a container chartering without additional costs. 

Note that all the offered products are regularly in stock in Drummond Export’s warehouses and do not create any added delay in the order’s preparation.

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